Best Android Apps: Top 10 Free Apps 2018 (October)


Top 10 Best  Android Apps

Today we will show the top 10 best android apps of this month for your Android device. So let’s start this one with some cool and unique apps.

We will show you the top 10 best android apps for this month for all Android device they have selected these apps on the basis of their usage functionality how unique these apps are and as usual. These all apps available in play store.

Notisave Best android apps:

We have on our list is the Notisave. The name suggests is the notification saving app. It clubs all the notifications you get into one. You open it you can see the notifications you have received in different categories for me.

Best android apps

I get tons of notifications on my phone and the best part. I don’t have to worry about removing a notification accidentally. It saves the history of all the notifications you receive. You can also use the app for WhatsApp.

You can read the deleted messages as well from the notification history. overall Notisave is a wonderful and a must-have app on a phone. Which works pretty good and also declutter your phone with all those notifications

Enggle Player Best android apps:

Next, We have on our list is the Enggle Player there are lots of English threatening apps on the Play Store. But with the Enggle player, you can learn and speak English in a unique manner.

Best android apps

The app helps you to learn English conversation by watching your favourite movies. The main feature of the app is listening to practice. you can repeat any sentence with the help of subtitles then you have the speaking practice.

It supports voice recognition. He can watch any video from a phone and search for subtitles online and according to the developer of this app learning and speaking English. Your favourite movie is better than anything else and this app is a perfect tool to help you with it overall. I find this app pretty useful so do check it out.

shorty Best android apps:

Next app in the list is the shorty. Shorty allows you to pin any file or URL from a phone into your home screen. We just need to simply click on the share icon then select the shorty.

Best android apps

Then you can choose the icon type and name and add it to your home screen you can also pick the background colour and write custom labels for the icons the app does a very simple thing.

A pretty useful and in my opinion an awesome way to add shortcuts to your home screen overall this app helps. You to add shortcuts through your home screen in a few simple steps.

Niagra launcher Best android apps:

Next app we have on our list is the Niagra launcher. The launcher gives a fresh and neat look to your home screen with the minimalistic UI. It has a unique design and it can open apps quickly and use the phone with one hand.

Best android apps

So basically you have the favourite icons here. Which could be your phone app contact and so on and on the right side. You can access the other apps in your phone by simply scrolling through the alphabets.

The animations are smooth and work flawlessly and in terms of notifications. you can also see the notification under the icon of the app. This launcher is in the development stage right now. They’ll be support for icon pack shortcuts and so on so if you want to try unique launcher on a phone then download the other launcher right now.

Tor browser Best android apps:

Next on our list is the tor browser. Tor browser for Android is the mobile browser. Which helps you to surf where privately tor browser is based on Firefox.

Best android apps

It has some very wonderful customization in it in order to get this app working. You would need a companion app or bot. Which is a proxy application some of the best features of this browser is tracker blocking.

Those ads can’t follow you and cookies will be deleted automatically the other feature is multi-layer encryption. Which release an encrypted traffic three times as it passes over. The Tor network this app uses VPN that means you can also exercise.

Which are blocked by your service provider overall tor browser is a nice app which enjoys your privacy and security.

Shapical X Best android apps:

The next app we have on our list is the Shapical X. Shapical x as an advanced yet easy to use photo editor the app. You add stunning graphics to your photos and create amazing artistic photos with this app.

Best android apps

You can edit your photos and use your imagination and creativity. Some of these photos look really amazing. It’s hard to believe that this is done by using a smartphone. If you’re looking to unleash your creativity then start using Shapical X today. Create some extraordinary images.

stelio player Best andriod apps:

Next, we have on our list is this stelio player. stelio player is an advanced music player with the powerful sound. The play looks pretty good and the UI is also user-friendly. The best part of this player is crossfade.

Best android apps

Which makes the song more pleasing the transition between one song to another is very smooth. In addition to that, the play supports the lyrics.

You can find online and also add covers to your song there’s also an equalizer. You also have the variety of audio effects this music player.

Which allows you to give the music player a unique and a cool look. So overall tell you is a perfect audio play for your phone. We have found this month and it is definitely among my favourite music player.

games now Best android apps:

Nex,t we have on our list is the wonderful app or you can say game. It’s the games now games now contains over 100 games.

Best android apps

Which are free to play and are one of the best time pass games for your phone. When you’re looking to pass your time by playing different games on a phone without worrying to download them all.

The games are compatible with the phone and support touch until controlling. You won’t get those high graphic games in this app nonetheless. They are pretty fun to play so download games now.

story Z Best andriod apps:

Next on our list is the store easy photo motion story Z photo motion app. Which lets you slate animated double exposures effect on your photos.

Best android apps

The app is unique and lets you create and share photo motion art. You can turn your photo into animated TIFF and share on a different social media platform.

This app also has video tutorials. You can easily understand the concept of the photo motion story sees an unreleased app. Which I really like and some of the photos look really amazing.

weather live wallpaper Best andriod apps:

We have on our list is the weather live wallpaper. Weather live wallpaper as the name suggests is a live Weather wallpaper for your phone it’s a simple app.

Best android apps

you to set current weather condition right on your home screen that’s pretty much all about this app. If you like it then download this simple yet amazing looking wallpaper.

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