Amazon Echo Dot, Plus, Sub, Smart Plug Launched in India


 Echo Proucts Previews:

Amazon has announced a renewal of part of its range Echo and many products.

Echo Dot:

The Echo Dot is the entry-level, the first prize that gives access to the Alexa assistant. The American giant has just renewed this model the program, an improved sound and a new design. Amazon has made an effort to the vocal experience. It now includes 4 long-range microphones. Amazon announces 70% more power compared to the previous generation.


Amazon Echo Plus:

This is the second generation of amazon Plus equipped with an integrated Zigbee hub to easily configure and control your compatible connected devices. The device should therefore work with more connected objects. It’s the equivalent of a Google Home or Apple HomePod: Dolby sound is 360 degrees.


Amazon Echo Sub:

The  Sub is a 100W subwoofer designed to provide bass to amazon products. It can be associated compatible devices for full stereo pairing. Everything can be controlled the Alexa application or directly with your voice.

The device is a large, cloth-wrapped cylinder that encloses a 152mm down-fire speaker. When paired with two speakers, it must create a 2.1 stereo system. The stereo pairing feature is also new previously. you could group devices into a room. But not into real stereo systems, as you can with HomePod or Google Home Max.

The Amazon Echo Sub  sold at Rs. 12999/-  available for purchase now delivery is scheduled from 11 October.


Amazon Echo Input and Auto:

This Input connects to your existing audio hardware to bring the Alexa Assistant. It contains a network of microphones for Alexa controls, with a minimalist and sleek design. It measures only 12.5 mm. No price or availability at the moment.

Here is another way to bring Alexa in her car. The  Auto connects to Alexa via your phone and works on the speakers of your car. It has eight microphones to fully perceive your voice despite the noise of the road and music. You can use all the usual Alexa commands, and Alexa can also work with Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, or another navigation application.

Amazon Smart Plug:


The first connected plug in the market, it’s Amazon’s first. The Smart Plug works with Alexa and allows you to control connected devices A lamp, a TV. you can also voice activation, deactivation of the device. It’s a simple and effective way to connect traditional lamps

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