Apple iPhone: the price of the three models of 2018 revealed?

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone: the price of the three models of 2018

Next Wednesday, Apple iPhone will present its new products at the end of the year. Rumors speak of three smartphones, as in 2017.

Apple iPhone

The most-watched and most-discussed event of September is Apple’s keynote of September (which will be the next is scheduled for Wednesday 12 September). Because Apple rarely presents mobiles. And these mobiles have a considerable impact on the entire market, especially on sales rankings. Because they are all bestsellers. And the iPhone X is no exception, despite a prohibitive price.

Apple iPhone price:

However, iPhone sales are not growing as much as before. Certainly because, precisely, the smartphones of Apple are more and more expensive. And the iPhone X is the most obvious example since it was launched at Rs. 96,561 in 64 GB version. This is the first iPhone model to be positioned above Rs. 83,334 in its version of base. Will it be the same this year?

Its editors released information from a “knowledgeable” source that provided them with the starting prices for the three terminals to be presented next week. As a reminder, one of the models should replace the iPhone X and be called the iPhone Xs. Another should be the phablet version of the first. It could take the name of iPhone Xs Plus or iPhone Xs Max. And the last should be a successor to the iPhone 8, but with a notch screen.

Same price as in 2017?

According to this source, the iPhone Xs should cost Rs. 75,748  with the first level of storage (which should remain at 64 GB). Commercially, the iPhone Xs replace the iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone Xs Max (or Plus) would come in the catalog instead of the iPhone X with a starting price of Rs. 95,753 . Finally, the iPhone “LCD” could be sold at Rs. 66,586, a bit cheaper than the starting price of the iPhone 8. Note that all these prices would concern the German market. But in France, the private copying tax could weigh down the bill.

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