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Apple Watch Series 4:

This is a very good surprise of the keynote of Apple! Wednesday night’s Apple keynote did not start with the iPhone. It started with the Apple Watch Series 4 was formalized into two slightly different sizes of the first three series. And the surprise was very good.

We reviewed Apple’s new offer in mobile telephony. Three terminals with prices higher than ever and a catalogue that now has seven smartphones.

Apple Watch Series 4 price:

The prices range is Rs. 40990 Let’s hope that this ambitious tariff strategy will not be counterproductive for the Cupertino company.

Apple Watch Series 4


Because by becoming less and less accessible, fewer and fewer people will be able to buy one of his phones. Which will certainly give the advantage to the competition?

A watch focused more on health:

Alongside the iPhone, there were no tablets, no headsets, no laptops. But there was another product that Apple has unveiled the Apple Watch Series 4.

A new generation of the best-selling connected watch in the world that we liked a lot because Apple does not fall asleep on its laurels.

Apple watch series 3 was a good version, Apple Watch Series 4 answers an essential question: a smartwatch is it used to other than count my steps and make beautiful around my wrist? The answer is yes. And most importantly, she could even save your life.

It’s a slogan-shock, maybe. And yet, the Cupertino company has much more emphasis on the health aspect than on the fitness aspect of its new watch.

Because Apple has integrated several services and technologies related to this theme. The first is the detection of falls and the automatic emergency call in case of immobility.

The watch warns of help:

Another example: the watch analyzes your heartbeat. If it is abnormal, it warns you. It’s up to you to make an appointment with the doctor. Further, Apple has included an electrocardiogram in the watch. And the analysis is fast. This service will first be active in the United States, before arriving anywhere in the world.

Two new screen sizes:

The Apple Watch Series 4 presents a different design from the previous three generations. The case is larger and the borders around the screens are narrower.

Apple Watch Series 4

The size of the boxes goes from 38 and 42 mm to 40 and 44 mm. The size of touch screens (still 3D Touch compatible and always AMOLED) goes from 1.5 to 1.65 inches to 1.57 and 1.78 inches.

This corresponds to 35% and 32% increase in area, respectively. If you have bracelets, rest assured: Apple Watch Series 4 remains fully compatible with older bracelets.

The case is either aluminium or stainless steel. The new digital crown, which contains a part of the electrocardiogram, is connected to the haptic motor for more precision when it turns.

To distinguish between Series 3 and Series 4, a red circle is now drawn on the crown. The back of each case is ceramic and the front is synthetic sapphire for all models. They are always waterproof. And they are thinner by 0.7 mm to reach 10.7 mm thick.

The first 64-bit chipset for a smartwatch;

Inside, the Apple Watch Series 4 has a new chipset: the Apple S4, successor to the Apple S3. It is a dual-core processor, as in 2017, but the cores are 64-bit.

Apple Watch Series 4

This is the first time that a watch runs on a 64-bit chipset, a promise of doubled performance with the same energy consumption.

Apple promises that the new watch offers 18 hours of battery life in a single charge from the previous one. The capacity of the batteries has not been revealed. But it should be similar to that of 2017 (279 mAh).

The connectivity:

WiFi n, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS (Glonass, Galileo and QZSS) and, optionally, LTE (with eSIM) for music streaming, messaging and audio calls. The sensors are substantially the same as well, with a second-generation heart rate monitor. The internal storage capacity does not move 16 GB.

For buying:

The other good news is that the Apple Watch will be on sale at the end of next week, September 21, exactly, after a week of pre-orders. Let’s start tomorrow (September 14th).

Its price is Rs. 40990/-  in 40 mm version with GPS  and rises to Rs. 58000/-  in 40 mm version still with GPS and cellular connection and stainless steel case. Count about thirty euros to go from a 40 mm box to 44 mm. And still counting a c

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