Dofollow Backlinks List: 120 DoFollow links,Backlinks

dofollow backlinks

Dofollow Backlinks List:

Dofollow Backlinks also known as an inbound link, inlink or backlink. It is a hyperlink to a website or a web page. The quality of the return link and the number of backlinks pointing to a site or page provide an indication of the reputation of that site or page. Dofollow Backlinks are very useful to a website for rank on google.

Dofollow Backlinks

Specifically, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top-level domain) from another Web1 node.

The return links have different values for the search engines, depending on the Pagerank of the web page on which they are published.

Backlinks are 2 types:

1.Dofollow Backlink

2.Nofollow Backlink

A link to a web page, published on a page with a high Pagerank, transmits more value to the linked page than a link published on a page with a weak Pagerank.

Conversely, return links published on sites with a bad reputation, or fraudulent techniques used to obtain more links returns can alter the reputation of the site to which they point.

Google Penguin:

Google is using Penguin algorithmic filter since April 24, 2012. This mission is to automatically detect artificial return links.

Backlink allows a webmaster to send a user from one web page to another in one click.

In HTML, the link translates to the syntax <a href=””> </a>. This link can open in the same browser tab, in a new tab, or in a new window.

Generally, the webmaster will point a link back to a page related to the page he edits.

Web search engines use this information provided by webmasters to determine the importance of a web page.

A page that has a lot of (relevant) backlinks will benefit from better search engine positioning. Google’s PageRank algorithm considers backlinks to determine the placement of a page or site.

webmasters often employ Search Engine Optimization techniques to increase  Pagerank by increasing the number of backlinks pointing to their website.

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