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7 Awesome Best Gadgets Under Rs-100

I want to inform you guys that I have bought these 7 Awesome Best Gadgets Under Rs-100 items offline and online both. I would recommend you to check out the nearest computer or mobile market for these guys to get them at a lower price.

1.Mini Speaker:

The first gadget we have on our list is the mini speaker the price of the speaker is rupees 100. we bought it offline the speaker is from terabyte and it is available in three different colours. it looks nice and compact and at this price, the quality is also very good. you have this ball-shaped speaker and you have the stand at the bottom for the speaker at the back.

Best Gadgets Under Rs-100

you have the micro USB port status LED light volume ring and the on/off button the speaker has its own battery. which easily lasts for 45 minutes to 1 hour of music playback the sound. quality is OK and you have to connect it to your phone with the cable. which is attached to the speaker. so as you can see at this price the audio output is decent and this mini speaker will come real handy. when you’re out and wants to play some music and a phone speaker is not that powerful.

2.Bike Mobile Holder:

The bike mobile holder the price of this mobile holder is rupees 80. This is the Best Gadgets Under Rs-100. It is available at the same price in most of the offline and online stores. you have the mobile clip at one end where you put your mobile or your GPS device. Then you can attach it to your bike’s handlebar. you can also attach the grip according to the size of your bike’s handlebar.Best Gadgets Under Rs-100

The plastic quality is average but at this price, you can’t really complain about it. I have tested this holder with my bike and it was able to hold my phone without any issue. But if you’re going for long rides I would recommend you to use some plastic bands around your phone for better grips. If you ride a motorbike and use maps on your phone for navigation.

3.Selfie Stick:

The next gadget is the selfie stick the price of the selfie stick is just rupees 60. You can get them at around rupees 100 online. This is the Best gadgets-under-rs-100. So it’s a selfie stick and the purpose of the selfie stick is to take selfies the length of the selfie stick is 78 centimetre. which is standard and at the price the quality is acceptable. It does the job pretty well talking about a selfie stick.

Best Gadgets Under Rs-100

It has a mobile holder at one end which can hold the Mobile’s of display size up to six inches without any issue. There’s also cable which will connect to your headphone port and this button will act as a shutter. you don’t need to install any software or change any settings. This will work with all the phones that have a 3.5 mm headphone jack port. There are no electronic components in it and it is really easy to use. If you’re going out on holiday but doesn’t want to carry and buy those expensive selfie sticks.

4. 8 in 1 Screw Driver:

we have on our list is the 8 in 1 screwdriver. I got this from the narrow place for rupees 100 and the moment. This is the Best Gadgets Under Rs-100 On Amazon. I saw it I realized how useful this gadget is it’s an 8 in 1 screwdriver that has 6 LED lights in the front. you can use this gadget as a torchlight and it can also come real handy. when you need to use a screwdriver in the dark in the screwdriver.

Best Gadgets Under Rs-100

we have the 8 different tips and into just expand the one. you want to use so those who want to know the type of the screwdriver. It has at 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and the T 15 the size of this gadget is really compact. you can keep it in your bag all the time. The gadget is really useful in a bus buy at this price. If we get this at around rupees 100 definitely buy it without any second thoughts.

5.2 in 1 Cable:

The next in our list is the two-in-one cable the price of this cable is rupees 75. This is the Best Gadgets Under Rs-100 On Amazon. It’s a flat cable that has a length of 2 feet. you can see it has a lightning port at one end and the standard USB on the other end. you can flip it open and detach the Lightning port and then use it as a micro USB cable the quality is good.

Best Gadgets Under Rs-100

The cable is tangle free it can use this to charge a mobile or use it for data transfer. If you have multiple smartphones especially an iPhone.  An Android phone with the microSD port. Then it’s good to have this cable in order to save you from carrying two cables all the time.

6.Gaming Mouse:

In the next gadget, we have on our list is the wireless gaming mouse. yes, it’s possible to buy a wireless gaming mouse at dystrophies 100. This is the Best Gadgets Under Rs-100. We got this mouse from PAYTM for rupees 106 the price of this mouse is around 300. But with the cashback of rupees 200. The effective price is only a hundred rupees the quality of this mouse is very good.

Best Gadgets Under Rs-100

You have the soft touch material on the top of the mouse the scroll has a texture on it for better grip. There’s also a button by which you can adjust the DPI which it supports up to 2400 dpi. I have used this mouse for a few days for gaming and regular use. I did not find any issue with it the design of the mouse is very good. Wcan easily is compared with the mouse.

This cost around 700 to 800 rupees the buttons are comfortable. You also have the back and forward button on the side of the mouse. It can also be digging up in the game for anything. Which you use frequently and at the price of this rupees 100, it’s an amazing deal.

7.Griffin Aux Cable:

The Griffon aux cable price is Rs-75. This is the Best Gadgets Under Rs-100 On Amazon. This is a male-to-male 3.5 mm cable with the length of one meter.  We call it aux or the auxiliary cable.

Best Gadgets Under Rs-100

you can use this cable in your car for music if your car audio system doesn’t have the Bluetooth support. It can use it with the speaker that has the Bluetooth functionality. The quality of the cable and the audio output is very good. We all know that Griffin is known for the cables and covers and getting this cable at this price makes. It’s value for money.

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