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Best web hosting

Best web hosting:

Today we’re gonna be talking about the top five best web hosting of 2018. I’ve had a ton of websites over the years.


Most of them probably 90% have been with Bluehost. Now, why is that why do I keep going back to Bluehost. It’s been a while well why do I keep going back to them to host sites with zero hits and 30,000 hits a month.

Best web hosting

I do that well the reason is that Bluehost is great for WordPress and 90% of my sites or WordPress. WordPress is easy for some reason that’s where I started and I understand it. They are the best WordPress hosts out there as a matter of fact. I think now every single new website through Bluehost gets WordPress automatically installed just like Automagically. If you’re looking to start a WordPress site go check out Bluehost. It is the best Best web hosting.


The site ground the side round is an incredible host and the reason for that is because they are their own standalone thing a lot of web hosts. It is the best web hosting. Bluehost are owned by one big conglomerate psych round. They’ve got a lot more freedom a lot more movability and great options for you. Their nosey packages are pretty simple.

Best web hosting

You started on site round now one of the cool things. Site gound is they don’t give unlimited everything and force you to pay.  SiteGround can really help you out if you’re starting out right you want a good quality house. Site ground has the great support they have great uptime but you don’t think your site’s gonna get that ten thousand views a month anytime.

I’ve never used I page before for some reason. I’ve just never needed them with Bluehost and some of the other ones on this list. I’d have never needed I page just has not never been tested by me personally. I know a blue host has pretty good support didn’t know about I page. I send my message just a simple quick little message asking. They had any WordPress hosting options. Bluehost I got me in seven this most recent time. I contacted their support for one of our sites.


I mean overall 5 to 10 minutes is about normal and iPage seems to fit right in there their server quality also seems to be good. I can’t find really too many people complaining about them online and mass about servers going down or anything like that.

Best web hosting

This is the Best web hosting. Overall their service seems great and they have unlimited everything. You are getting more than like 20 or 30 thousand hits a month on your website. It can become pretty costly iPage allows unlimited everything.

I like for me and having multiple sites and everything unlimited everything is what I want.  I page offers that typically it’s $10 a month I think but I’ve seen them run specials like right now. You can probably find some discount codes and stuff that would it get iPage a little cheaper. I wouldn’t go to a host of it didn’t so you’re doing that thing I talked about instead of hosting on WordPress.


Inmotion hosting is like the cream of the crop of web hosting in many ways. They are more expensive host overall specifically they target a lot of their business towards dedicated servers. This is the best web hosting. People are going with a lot of traffic and stuff like that in order to just build that enterprise business. Service can be passed on to you and for like 7 or 8 bucks a month.

Best web hosting

You can note the work press server there or your standalone website WordPress on that motion works perfectly fine. It seems to me they would prefer customers that are building their sites from the ground up and not WordPress base. You’ve got to go through some menus and some drop-down boxes in order to find out about their WordPress hosting. Web app or a website that’s just an HTML page and stuff like that who wants really quick really good performance.

WordPress isn’t the fastest platform out there now also in full discretion. I know a ton of people who have in motion dedicated service for their sites. I would highly recommend them off of that the people who have hundreds of thousands of hits on their website. It’s a great house their prices are affordable for those bigger packages compared everybody else. They are just really good they have like 99.9% uptime or something crazy.


You can host a website on 1&1 hosting. It’s always amazed to me they’re they’re hosting packages. I believe that their servers overall are a little slower than what you’re gonna get with someone like Bluehost are specifically in motion.

Best web hosting

It’s a good way to get your website up and running. This is the best web hosting. You’re starting a web entrepreneur and you’re just getting going on this whole entire internet.

You don’t want to spend a lot of money trust me. I’ve been there you might want to consider one in one is ready though to move your site once. You start getting some traffic and you’re noticing your load times are in the 80 seconds per page. I don’t want to bad-mouth them that much there’s gonna be 80 seconds perpetuate it might be 8 seconds. Which is pretty ridiculous for a website these days. Anyway, those are my top five with one in one wrapping out the bottom of the list as your cheap option.

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