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Best Wordpress plugins for blogs

Best WordPress plugins for blogs:

I’m gonna show you all 10 amazing free WordPress plugins for best WordPress plugins for blogs now. I’m gonna share with you 10 amazing best WordPress plugins. I found and I use on my website. You guys will probably use at least two alright at least two plugins. Let’s go ahead and introduce you all to these plugins. In this post am explaining Best WordPress plugins for blogs/websites.


Number one is one signal now have you ever been to a website. This is the Best WordPress plugins for blogs. Where that little note comes up saying would you like push notifications well? This plugin will actually allow you to gather you know people’s information. You can actually send out push notifications out through people’s browsers. The great part about this plug-in is that it’s free. It converts 10 times better than email marketing.


Next is icegram watch to give you the ability to have popups on your website. It actually gives you the ability to have the pop-up bars also on top your website. I have this announcement bar right here this was all done with the plugin now. It also creates pop-up subscriptions email notifications anything. You want this plugin has its kind of like a 10  all in one thing. It’s a very useful plugin it gathers email addresses and it has tons and tons of positive reviews. You can see for yourself it’s called ice gram. I highly recommend it’s simply amazing.


You know security is probably one of the most important things on your websites. You are not using all-in-one WP migration then you’re missing out. This plugin I will actually just take a copy of your website download on your desktop. You can upload it immediately, in fact, it’s the easiest plugin. I have found for you know backups and everything. Almost 1 million active installs. I highly recommend it because I use it and it’s it’s it’s just amazing.


It is really simple SSL now. why is this so important well Google just had a huge update in last year. You don’t have an SSL on your website. What happens people get that like do not go this is a virus porn website. People can get the wrong idea of your website. This plugin does is that if you have an SSL and it’s not working. It will force the SSL to work let’s say you have an SSL.

Your hosting company like we don’t know what’s wrong they’re gonna recommend you to install this plug-in. It’s called really simple SSL and again it will make sure that people do not get that like an error. You know they’re trying to steal your stuff this will actually take that off. People can actually go to your website off to worry about all that crazy stuff. It does require an SSL it’s not a free SSL.


Next is WP fastest cache. This is a caching plug-in. You are not caching your websites shame on you. You should be because it makes your site much faster. This has over 500,000 active installs now I used to recommend that other one. It was like I forgot it like WP something but this plug-in. Actually, I’ve used it from its competitors and I’ve just seen amazing results. So WP fastest cache it’s a free caching plugin.  You are using SiteGround though they do give you a separate sigh crown caching plugin. This plugin it’s a free plugin it’s great I love it and I recommend it to all of my friends and clients.


Next is  WPS hide login. You can just go to any website and just go to other using WordPress. This will basically not allow people to have access to that little login page. Because that’s kind of freaky that anyone can go to your website. Just kind of go to your you know your dopey admin and guess your credentials. If they guess your credentials or if they know it or something like that.

You’re gonna be in trouble you know your site’s gonna be hacked. This plug-in right here will actually make it so you can change it to anything. You would want it’s a free plugin. It’s so easy to use so all. It’s really easy to go down here and just change your permalinks. WPS hide login and then you just change it to whatever you want and then go to Save Changes and have an amazing secret WP admin login.


Next is WP smush  It actually compresses all of your images. It gets rid of all that extra space to make your site load faster. It’s very helpful and it actually has over 1 million active installs. You have like 20 megabytes of pictures it will try to compress it as much as possible without losing resolution. Quality to make it maybe around 10 megabytes. I get around like a 35% reduction on size. I’m sorry decreases loading time. I recommend WPS smush it’s an amazing again just try it out. It’s amazing it’s it’s simply amazing.


Tidio live chats is a live chat feature.  You want live chat available on your website tidio live chat is a free service. People can come to your website and they can start chatting. I think it’s just a great service to have so Tidio chats if you want that little box on the bottom right saying. When you go to this website you see this little chat now box right here.

It’s an amazing plugin and you can you know chat with people right on your website. You can actually see also where they’re going. It’s really cool a really helpful it shows you like. They are and what’s there like on the sales page and kind of like message them saying. You want to buy that if you know and they’re like how do you know. I was even here it’s a really cool plugin and I highly recommend.


it and next is Yoast of course guys now I know everyone recommends Yoast but still Yoast is probably one of the most required plugins out there. It’s just amazing it basically indexes your website for search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing. It tells people what your website is all about. It takes all that content and it puts it on the search engines. It’s a very helpful plugin it helps for SEO it’s great most people who are part of SEO companies. They all use Yoast and of course, that’s just on a page just like 30% of SEO but 30% is still a big part of SEO. It’s a great plugin that’s very helpful I use it and it’ll display your website on the search changes accordingly.


I have for last is Facebook messager or live chats now. You think that this is just live chat it’s not this plugin offers. so much in fact. Facebook Messenger with your fan page it adds social icons. It adds this little chat now it adds a store map. People can click on it right there and just find out where your store is it has so many extra features in it in fact.

This is a Best WordPress plugins for blogs they do have a pro version. I think the pro the free version is just good enough. I have a Facebook live chat and they also have like testimonials they have just so much stuff. They have a notification box you can actually display the notification box on and go to save. I mean it’s just it’s simply amazing as what this does so if you guys are interested in this plug-in I highly recommend. It’s a free plugin and you know today Facebook is getting more and more popular.

These are the Best WordPress plugins for blogs. I think I hope you like this plugins. These are very important plugins for blogger. These are most Best WordPress plugins for blogs never miss these free WordPress plugins.

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