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I’m going to share with you my top 5 free blog sites. I want to talk a little bit about the top 5 free blog sites. You can use to start blogging for free today. While I don’t necessarily recommend using a free blog site if you are going to be blogging long term.

These free blog sites are great for anyone who doesn’t really want to spend money to blog or may not necessarily want their blog to turn into like a full-time business. They just want to blog for fun share some experiences right mainly for friends and family that sort of thing. These free blogging platforms or websites are great places. If that is something that you’re interested in so let’s jump right into it my first recommended free blog site


Blog sites

This is for the sole reason that is very similar to Which i recommend for people who are interested in starting a blog with You’re gonna get a lot of the same functions and like layout as far as creating a post. You would get with a wordpress self-hosted website through

There are some blog sites limitations obviously with using There’s not as many plugins available to use. If there’s not as many themes and a few other things as far as like using google adsense and and some of their limitations. I talked about in my article comparing all these five platforms. It’s a great place to really stay organized and you can get actually quite a bit of traffic through the WordPress community. You start a free website on WordPress. com


Wix website their biggest strength guys is the drag-and-drop capabilities.When you’re designing a Wix website you can literally drag and drop objects images and things on the screen and place them exactly. You want them and resize them and change the text size and and do all that sort of thing.

Blog sites

So this is really nice. If you want a lot of customization with your blog especially for a free blog this definitely gives you the most customization with a free blog. But there are some  limitations as well with a free Wix website. I guess maybe not a limitation but a con would be that with all this customization drag-and-drop.

You can tend to over do things and things tend to get a little cluttered and messy and unorganized and not in line. I’m totally OCD about that kind of stuff. I see a website and the boxes aren’t lined up and things are not sighs the way. Blog sites should be it drives me crazy. So yeah with like a WordPress website with a set theme. You can’t really drag and drop things on the screen they kind of place. They are but it’s set up to be placed where they are for a good reason.

Because you switch to mobile it will automatically change everything whereas with a Wix website. You have to remember that if you edit the desktop version of your blog. You need to go in and edit the mobile version otherwise your mobile website is gonna look crazy bad. It’s not gonna optimize quite the way it should so that’s just kind of another hassle with using a Wix website. But yeah great for customization you can do a lot of things with Wix.

3.Blogger or blogspot

Blogger or blogspot. Which is owned by Google this is a very very popular free platform. I know a lot of people who blog on blogger a little bit with a paid domain. They’ll go out there and buy domain with blogger.

Blog sites

They don’t have to pay a monthly web hosting fee the nice thing about bloggers. It’s owned by Google so if you’re trying to you know do well on Google search and that sort of thing going. The blogger route might be a little bit better for you. I do know that a blogger hasn’t had as well of a organic reach. It had us in the past that might be with some algorithm changes that have caused. But there is a huge blogger community within blogspot.

I know a lot of people that do really well getting traffic based on the community the blogspot community. That’s definitely a very popular option. You want a free blog not as many themes to choose from you don’t get the customization. It’s very straight forward it’s very simple and another. I guess positive with using blogger is that you can still qualify for Google Adsense even though. It’s a free platform a lot of those other platforms that I’m talking about for free get ads on there. You can do Google Adsense you can’t earn an ad revenue but with blogger. Your blog gets enough traffic and you qualify you can start putting some ads on your website. Start earning some money.


The number 4 guys on my list would be tumblr. I should say I guess that this isn’t necessarily.1 to 5 as like most recommended and least recommended this is just kind of like my 5 about 5. I guess in any order but we’ll go with number 4 would probably be tumblr.

Blog sites

Tumblr was a lot more popular probably 6 to 10 years ago. Nowadays it’s not quite as popular a big problem that I’ve seen with tumblr is that it’s kind of gotten spammed really hardcore. There’s a ton of spammy blogs and crap on tumblr.

That’s kind of something that I think deters a lot of people from using tumblr. It’s kind of got a bad name over recent years but if you do want to go the tumblr route. They do really well is for posting photos. If you have a lot of photos with your blog. You’re more of a fashion blogger lifestyle sharing a lot of photography tumblr might be a good platform for you. Because you can share a lot of photos very easily. You can also re blog articles on tumbler. This works almost like Facebook. You can like share other people’s blogs on your blog.


My top five free blog platforms would be medium. This is a newer platform that I’ve recently discovered. I don’t know if how new technically. I’ve recently discovered what I really like about medium. It’s very clean it has a very clean feel to it very professional design.

Blog sites

It’s very simplistic easy to read the articles you can kind of you know get featured on different categories and things like. You’re writing about lifestyle fashion, food whatever you can get a little bit of traffic through the medium community. I have seen a lot of actually really popular blogs online that have been run through medium.

They look very good look very professional. You’re looking into a free blog. I’ll definitely consider checking out medium at least just taking a look at it kind of getting a feel. for what It’s like not quite as straight forward as using my blogger or Another option that wraps it up for my 5 free blog sites or platforms to consider. If you want a blog for free to recap that would be WordPress com, Wix, blogger, tumblr, and medium. You think if you are using one of those leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the platform.

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