Doogee S70 Review: Price, Specifications & Features

Doogee S70

Doogee S70 Info:

This is the world’s first rugged gaming phone. The device Doogee S70 looks sturdy and well-made. It has great specifications and it ships with a gaming pad. It was built exclusively for this phone that is priced at about $300.


Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of this device. If you’re interested the phone ships with all the usual items. And some extras include a headphone jack adapter USB OTG cable and a screen protector. Once you pick the phone up it’s obvious this is a rugged phone. The phone also has a multi-layer cooling system and a dedicated gaming button.

Doogee S70

I’ll talk about these the device uses the sturdy metal frame the buttons are responsive. The overall build quality is very good. The phone is also IP 68 certified for water and dust resistance in addition. It is shockproof draw proof and it can survive under many different severe conditions. The phone is resistant to water pressure up to 100 bar. Against extreme temperatures of up to 80 degrees despite all these rugged properties.


The phone is relatively thin. It has a massive 5500 battery that performs really well. I could get about 14 hours of screen on time while using the phone. The basic stuff taking a lot of pictures and gaming. One hour the supplied fast charger fully charges the phone in just about 1 hour and 40 minutes. which is a great result there is also a wireless charging feature.


That is really convenient in practice upon the display to be really good. Overall it is sharp the colours are pretty accurate. The outdoor visibility is quite good also the screen is sensitive.

Doogee S70

The rugged phone other key features and included dual camera system on the back and a 16-megapixel shooter on the front. Unfortunately, there is no LED notification light and no headphone jack. The sound quality using the supplied adapter is quite decent.

Fingerprint sensor:

The fingerprint reader is accurate but the display could light up a little bit faster. There is also a face unlock feature that works well. It’s less reliable than the fingerprint scanner. Finally, the last speaker quality is quite good for a budget rugged phone. The company claims that the phone has a custom-made chipset with a multi-layer cooling system. A dedicated gaming button has been engineered to immediately set up on to the gaming mode.

 Doogee S70 Connectivity:

All the applications to keep the CPU cool and the phone itself in constant cooling mode. The boosting the CPU performance up to 60% a custom-made gamepad does feel a little bit plasticky. The overall build quality is decent and is comfortable to hold it.

Doogee S70

You simply connect it to the phone via the Bluetooth. You’re good to go the battery life of this gamepad is set to last you up to 15 days.  I have to say that playing pub G is much more fun with a gamepad.

 Doogee S70 Price:

You can see some weird gamepad symbols but that may be due to an early software built on my phone. This game runs fine on medium graphics with just minor skipped frames. The phone certainly performs much better than any other Hylia p23 power chips at handset have tested. Other games like asphalt extreme or asphalt 9 work fine on the very highest graphics settings. It is quite impressive for a $300 phone again the gamepad provides. You with the much better gaming experience. It is a really impressive performance overall the Doogee S70 is a great sub $300 phone for gaming.

Doogee S70 Os  & Ram:

It does not offer flagship great performance the games run really well the phone runs on Android 8.1. It has he pretty much stock Android ROM but Doogee S70 added a few features and redesigned some icons.

Doogee S70

We can choose from quite a few gestures and motion controls. We can customize a custom key in a lot of different ways besides using. It solely for the gaming mode what I like about this phone is that it is really fast on a daily basis either. You just scroll through the menu switch from one app to another.

Doogee S70 Video:

This is one of the better camera setups in a budget. Rugged phone the portrait shots use mostly software to mimic DSLR but wait to button the low-light camera performance. The selfie image quality is quite decent but colours are usually washed out. There could be less noise 1080p video quality is quite good. There is too much noise in the footage 1080p selfie video could look fine. Again there is plenty of noise in my pre-production unit connectivity. It has been a solid signal reception and call quality have been good. It is worth mentioning that the phone supports full comm are all 4G bans. The phone also has NFC and there is a gyroscope among other sensors overall. This is a really interesting offering but let’s summarize pros and cons for the price of about $300.

Doogee S70 Advantages:

This well-built phone that can take it beating and it is water-resistant. You get some nice design touches like a leatherback finish and a customizable key. I also like the display good overall performance at the camera can take nice pictures in daylight. The battery life is good in addition I like using wireless charging and stock. Android UI is one of my favourites finally the gaming performance is pretty good. If you play games with a dedicated gamepad. The phone does not heavy as a jack there is no LED notification light low light. The video performance could be better and finally sound that is coming out. The loudspeaker is slightly muffled in conclusion. Overall it is a high-quality rugged phone that offers a lot of value for the price.

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