Google refutes the leaks announcing a Pixel Watch in 2018

google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch in 2018

Google said could unveil this year, with its next smartphones, the first connected with google Pixel of the makers of Wear OS refute this information.

Google’s strategy on the smartphone market changed a few years ago. A change that does not date from the arrival of pixels, even if the replacement of Nexus marks a turning point, but the launch of the Nexus 6 Motorola. Unlike all other Nexus generations, the Nexus 6 was the first model sold at the flagship price. Google’s ambition was no longer to democratize Android, but to compete with Apple on its own ground, the high-end market.

google Pixel Watch google Pixel Watch

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Pixel strategy for watches?

The mobiles promoted by Google have confirmed this commitment: the Nexus 6P, the Pixel XL, the Pixel 2 XL, not to mention the smaller versions. The firm allowed them to express themselves technically and commercially. And it took several years before Android accounted for 8.5 out of 10 smartphone sales worldwide.

It is this argument that seems to take Google today to explain why there will be no connected google pixel watch in the range Pixel this year, information unveiled by Miles Barr, one of the directors in charge of the development of Wear OS. The latter spoke with our colleagues from the US edition of Tom’s Guide on the sidelines of the IFA where he was present to present the latest news from Wear OS.

Yes, but not right now

The presence of Google and the announcement of this new version of google pixel watch Wear OS have suggested that the company Mountain View could unveil a watch in the Pixel range this year. A rumor supported by some indiscretions. But Google is not Apple. And new software does not necessarily mean new hardware.

Miles Barr explains that Google’s strategy in the smartwatches market still relies on partnerships with brands and manufacturers, stating that today there are two types of watches for different uses and users: sports watches or watches designs. Today you have to choose between the two.

But the day when design rhymes with sports functions and it will be possible to meet the needs of a large majority of consumers with a single place-shape, it will be time for Google to enter the scene with its own proposal.

In the meantime, the Mountain View company will continue to enrich Wear OS, particularly with the integration of artificial intelligence and the improvement of the autonomy of watches. Two areas related to each other with the arrival of Doze, this energy saving mode already present in Android and disables certain functions when the phone is not used.

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