Honor 8X – 8X Max Two Big Size Phones Preview

honor 8x, 8x max

Honor 8X – 8X Max:

Honor 8X – 8X Max mobile never stops and has just formalized two phones that had already largely leaked, the Honor Mobiles

The Chinese manufacturer has already unveiled two new phones mid-range with imposing screens. These two Honor 8X – 8X Max smartphones are the last members of the X family at Honor.

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Honor 8X

For the moment, It has presented these devices in China and gave no information about a possible exit on the Old Continent, but we suspect that the 8X will quickly replace the 7X released at the end of the year last home. To get a small place in the market, the phone has interesting features.
6.5 inch (1080 x 2340 px) 19.5: 9 IPS screen                                Mobile Chip Kirin 710

4 or 6 GB of RAM                                                                               64 or 128 GB of storage

Double sim + microSD                                                                      APN 20 + 2 MP on the back

16 Mpx front camera                                                                         3,750 mAh battery

Micro-USB port                                                                                    Android 8.1 + EMUI 8.2

This 8X follows almost all current modes with its 19.5: 9 notch screen and its dual photo module for “portrait” mode. We just regret that this mobile still has not seen fit to switch on the USB-C, the standard that has been awaiting democratization since 2015-2016. On the other hand, the mobile embeds the new SoC “made in Huawei”.

Honor 8X Max

As the name suggests, the 8X Max is a (much) larger version of the 8X. It takes the design of his little brother, but with a screen of almost 7.2 inches! The notch on the screen is less impressive. Question technical sheet.

19.5: 9 712 inch (1,080 x 2,244 px) IPS screen                                        4 GB of RAM

Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 mobile chip                                               64 or 128 GB of storage

Dual SIM or SIM + microSD                                                                       16 + 2 Mpx back camera

8 Mpx front camera                                                                                    5,000 mAh battery

Micro-USB port                                                                                            Android 8.1 + EMUI 8.2

The chip Kirin was here exchanged for a Snapdragon from Qualcomm. Honor has also announced that a more powerful version with a Snapdragon 660 should see the light, without giving more information. What also emerges from this technical sheet is the impressive battery of 5000 mAh that accompanies the phone.

Prices and availability

All that we know is that the 8X will be sold from 14,738 and the 8X Max from 15,792. If the output of the 8X in our country is not in doubt, the Max model and its giant screen. But who knows, we are not safe from a surprise.

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