Huawei smartphone Responds to benchmark cheating scandal

huawei smartphone

Huawei smartphone will provide open access to ‘Performance Mode’

The overseas media Anandtech has revealed that Huawei smartphone distorts the benchmark results on some of its phones by activating a dedicated mode. The Chinese manufacturer reacted to this revelation with a justification for the least novel.

If you thought that cheating on benchmark results was ancient history, Anandtech reminds you that these practices are still relevant.

huawei smartphone

The US media reported on September 4 that Huawei smartphone has managed to distort the results obtained with 3DMark and GFXBench, two popular benchmark applications.

Three phones of the Chinese brand are involved in this case: the Huawei P20 Pro, the Huawei Nova 3 and the Honor Play.

Performance halved:

To achieve flattering results on 3DMark, Huawei’s smartphones enable a “performance mode” inaccessible from the settings. This one has several consequences. No longer worrying about the heat emitted or the autonomy.

The smartphone, however, becomes a kind of unusable fireball. Anandtech adds that when a benchmark application is launched, all the computing power of the SoC is concentrated on it, leaving aside those that turn into background tasks.

Thanks to this method, the Honor Play rises to 127.35 FPS on one of the tests of GFXBench. The deception bypassed, the terminal offers only 66 FPS. A difference for the least significant …

The Honor Play shows 39% lower performance. The results are even more spectacular for the Huawei Nova 3, falling by 48%.

“This discrepancy indicates that the terminals recognize the 3DMark application by name rather than the type of work requested,” says UL in a statement.

A surprising line of defense:

Following the revelation of the case, Huawei smartphone was quick to respond via a statement obtained by Android Authority. Surprisingly enough, the brand implies the uselessness of cheating during benchmark tests.

Especially since there is no real link between the two. “The manufacturer, however, reveals that he planned” to give access to performance mode to use all the power of (his) smartphone “.


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