iPhone xs and xs max Full Review: Know Full details

iPhone xs and xs max

iPhone xs and xs max Overview:

iPhone xs and xs max I got some thoughts some of them are good some of them are less good. let me tell you about it before. I got the gold version of the phones I’m surprised.  It’s not as true gold did expect true Gold is definitely the sides. I love the way the sides of the phone look. But the back a little bit of a different colour. In mind, if gold is your jam so a few things are different with the phone.

iPhone xs and xs max size:

I loved the size the iPhone xs and Xs max so this still feels like a big phone. If you get big phone advantages things that you would think would be here aren’t here at least aren’t here yet side-by-side multitasking for example things.

iPhone xs and xs max just look big and blown up the output boot logo looks huge apps. I would like to have more features that played into the larger screen size.  what was really nice to use one-handed phone kind of a nice to use to edit phone so just bear that in mind. I got kind of hold with one hand to swipe down now there are features like reachability and things here.

 iPhone xs and xs max too much low key features:

Apple put into the iPhone xs and xs max there’s a lot more band support in addition to gigabit LTE. The first time with the xs max I got four bars of 4G. I wasn’t getting like fast data speed draining but I could definitely make phone calls. So I wasn’t really nice to see a huge improvement.

iPhone xs and xs max  Ram:

football game over the weekend then generally despite having full service. I can’t upload pictures it’s hard for me to send tweets and that kind of thing. I had a weird Wi-Fi issue with my phone tuna might be just my phone let me know in the comments.

iPhone xs and xs max If you have the same issue was forgetting Wi-Fi networks. So I kept it to my home network leave and come back and it wouldn’t reconnect itself. That was kind of strange the speaker’s here also way louder than latched. And that was kind of nice to see.

 iPhone xs and xs max battery life:

It really hard so with the caveat of having used the phone probably more than. I would after the first three days of battery life seems. The same as what I got with the iPhone X not better like apples claiming.

The first free day is usually hitting the phone pretty dang hard the cameras though is where you see a giant difference. I still maintain if you have an iPhone X you could probably skip this generation. But it kind of fun anything older you will really notice different especially.

iPhone xs and xs max cameras:

The picture quality is absolutely awesome the front-facing camera really big improvements here. It does do some weird facial smoothing. There’s definitely a little bit going on there I love dynamic range the camera is two pictures always look good.

iPhone xs and xs maxThe videos look absolutely incredible I love the camera on the iPhone Xs max. And that might be a reason you might consider upgrading. If you get if you have an iPhone X. I still skip it but the camera is a big change here for was already a really solid camera setup. I haven’t noticed too much difference in the performance of the eight twelve Bionic.

iPhone xs and xs max additional RAM:

Fast phone still seems like a faster own Apple kind of being vertically integrated most their phones are generally pretty quick. I was twelve I used it sort of throughout all of its betas nothing here is giant mean. I do really like the shortcuts app I’ve used that quite a bit I love the fact you can use third-party password apps to fill passwords.

That is an under-the-radar feature that is absolutely awesome to have iOS 12 seems like the phone itself it’s a nice evolution. And makes a good OS family even better alright so speaking of iOS twelve my home screen. I could try to keep a little bit minimal and keep the apps right there. I use all the time and one app that’s been there for the better part of two years is audible.

you could listen to a book you’ve been wanting to check out for a while. Impressions are generally pretty positive nothing groundbreaking. I wasn’t expecting something huge that I didn’t see before with the Xs or the Xs max it’s a good phone. 

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