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iPhone XS

iPhone Xs Apple: LCD version could be called iPhone Xr

Tomorrow will take place the keynote of Apple during which the firm will present new iPhone  Xs and certainly other surprises. Three phones are expected including a model with the LCD screen. It would be called iPhone Xr.

You certainly know it: tomorrow is the big day for Apple fans. A keynote is indeed planned to unveil new products. A rather interesting line-up, since three terminals are expected, a new generation of smartwatches, an iPad Pro and certainly other small surprises.

It’s a great year ahead and we will obviously take the time, after having published a summary of the announcements on Wednesday evening, to come back on each of the important topics until the end of the week.

iPhone XS

Three models with notch widescreen

The major announcement this year should be, as in 2017, the launch of three iPhone. But unlike last year, the three models will rely on ergonomics identical to that of the iPhone X.

Goodbye, therefore, the “historic” design of Apple’s terminals, with a 16 / 9e rectangular screen and a Touch ID. All models this year should be equipped with a panoramic screen with the notch.

One of them would be the successor of the iPhone X and would be called iPhone Xs. It would position itself commercially instead of the iPhone 8 Plus.

The second would be an enlarged version called iPhone Xs Max (or iPhone Xs Plus). And the last? We have talked to you about it several times.

It would be an intermediate model between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, with a screen of 6.1 inches whose backlight would be LCD and not OLED (unlike the other two iPhone). In addition, the hull would be entirely aluminium (which would induce an incompatibility with the wireless charge).

The cheapest of the three called iPhone Xr?

This third model would be a kind of spiritual “successor” of the iPhone SE since it would be cheaper than the annual “flagship” model, the iPhone Xs.

The name of this cheaper model was still unknown. Given its positioning, we decided to call it the “iPhone 9”, since it was placed between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.

To believe an indiscretion from the economic press agency Bloomberg, the name of the mobile could be “iPhone Xr”. It is, in any case, one of the options that Apple would have chosen. But there could be others.

iPhone Xs price:

The iPhone Xs could position itself in India Rs. 93000. However, according to an analyst at the investment bank Goldman Sachs, Apple could choose to sell a little more expensive, because, at this price, this iPhone Xr would cannibalize sales of the original iPhone X which will logically lower prices with the arrival of these successors. Apple iPhone XS Expected to be launched on Nov 29, 2018.

His new price could be Rs. 93000. Recall that a previous leak, gave reason to Goldman Sachs, preaching that the iPhone Xr would be sold at the price of the iPhone 8.

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