LG W7 Smartwatch Price, Specifications, Features, Review

LG W7 Smartwatch

LG W7 Smartwatch Preview:

LG is set to reveal the LG V40  smartphone on October 3rd. But a new report claims the company will unveil something else the  LG w7 SmartWatch. Which is said to combine the mechanical hands of an analogue wristwatch with a digital display powered by Google’s.

LG W7 Smartwatch with OS:

OS platform recently rebranded as where OS this runs on a wide range of stylish wearable devices from traditional fashion brands.

But fewer and fewer products manufactured by top-tier tech companies. It will be the first LG SmartWatch to run where OS at launch android headlines reports stated.

LG W7 Smartwatch Display:

The display will have a pixel density of 300 PPI. This may be lower than the Apple watch for which 9 to 5 Mac estimated has a 345 PPI.

LG W7 Smartwatch

Screen density many of the details including the dimensions 45.5 X 45 point 4 X 12 point 9 millimetres screen size 1.2 inch 360 X 360 processor. Snapdragon wears 2100 and other specs aligned with previous leaks this includes one of the watches.

LG W7 Smartwatch Battery:

More interesting benefits 100 days of battery life with all the smart capabilities disabled the report claims. The SmartWatch will also come in a plus model coming with both silicon and metal straps.

As well as a bonus charging cradle though it doesn’t sound like it’s specs will differ from the base watch. The wearable will likely start retailing by June and LG is allegedly targeting global availability.

LG W7 Smartwatch

But that still looks up in the air given the possibility of slightly different models with altered specs unfortunately mobile leaking legend.

Evan Blass has no fresh info to share in regards to the product specs and features. Instead of referring to a report from way back in April if those details are still accurate.

The LG  w7 smartwatch doesn’t look all that bad on paper save for one essential feature inside sources claimed five months ago.

The wear OS watch packed an ancient Snapdragon 2001 processor. Which may have been acceptable back then but would be outright embarrassing right now the world’s first Snapdragon.

LG W7 Smartwatch Better Specs:

Where 3100 powered timepieces have already been vaguely unveiled. LG wants to be treated seriously. It needs to adopt Qualcomm energy-efficient SOC right away again. The rests of the rumored features are pretty nice including a 360 X 360 1.2 inch LCD screen.

And water resistant stainless steel body 240 mAh battery, 768 megabytes. RAM 4gb internal storage space and hybrid functionality combining the best of the analog and digital worlds.

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