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Mi Power Bank

Mi Power Bank Previews:

Today we are gonna talk about five reasons why you should be buying MI power bank. MI power banks come in two variants 10000 mah and 20,000 mah. Taking care of all your needs from charging a phone to your laptop and more.

High-speed charging & Dual USB Output:

MI power bank

They also come with dual USB ports and 2-way fast charging now. You don’t have to worry about waiting for your phone to charge.


MI power banks 9 safety features. Its built-in heat sensitive and temperature control mechanism ensures. That the battery operates within the safe range. You don’t have to worry about overheating or short-circuit issue with your phone or Your power bank.

Li-polymer over lithium-ion


LI polymer batteries come with better power retention better conversion. And hence gives you more recharge cycle. It also is flexible and lightweight. We can give you a sleeker design. Which fits better in your pocket.


MI power bank

A conversion rate of 10,000 mah power bank is up to 90%. It can charge a 4000 mah device like red mi notes pipe flow up to 1.5 times. 3000 mAh device up to 2.5 times the conversion rate of 20,000 mAh battery is up to 85 per cent. It can charge a device of 3000 mAh battery more than 4 times.


MI power bank

It comes with an aluminium metal key. Which is scratch and sweat resistant now? You don’t have to worry about the power bank falling off your hands. It feels exceptional in hand and is really flaunt-worthy. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Wherever you go so what are you waiting for the go ahead and gift yourself an MI power bank? Now you can buy one starting at just rupees $6.99 during our the value.

Please buy this Diwali festival with low cost.

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