Moza Mini-MI Full Review: Smartphone Gimbal with Wireless Charging

Moza Mini-MI

Moza Mini-MI Full Preview:

An affordable smartphone gimbal that is made by moza. It is called the  Moza Mini-MI this device cause just Rs-11000/-. It offers some killer features like wireless charging. The mouse a Moza Mini-MI might be the most feature packed and well thought out budget gimbal on the market.

Moza Mini-MI  Features:

The gimbal ships in a really nice carrying.The gimbal itself when it comes to the design the gimbal is made of plastic. It doesn’t feel cheap by any means. The device has a well thought-out design there is quarter inch marking threads on the bottom on the side and on both sides of the smartphone mounting cradle. So we have plenty of options to mount your accessories like tripods lights or microphones the mouse. A Moza Mini-MI is the first gimbal to feature wireless charging. Which is really convenient in practice you simply double press the power key.

Moza Mini-MI wireless charging:

The phone starts charging there is also the USB port for phones that do not have wireless charging feature. You can also charge the gimbal itself using the micro USB.

Moza Mini-MI

You can get up to 10 hours of continuous use with this gimbal, in addition. It can balance the gimbal in just a few moments and switch between horizontal and vertical shooting modes easily. The most a gimbal has a convenient control system.

Moza Mini-MI Self-stick:

There is a joystick that allows you to move the gimbal position manually and there are eight different shooting modes that can be changed by pressing. The dial wheel buttons this is probably the most versatile gimbal.

You can lock each axis individually or use other cool most like like roll follow or a sparse mode. That allows you to follow the subject quickly there’s also a selfie mode and finally, an inception mode allows. You to make really creative shots if you want to unleash a full potential of the skimble. you have to download.

Moza Mini-MI App:

The Moza’s a genuine app that at the moment works well with the iPhones. It is still in the better version on Android phones within the app. You can adjust gimbal settings like speed smoothness and other settings additionally. This app allows you to control the camera using the joystick can start or stop recording take a picture.

Turn the dial to zoom in or zoom out the switch from video to photo mode switch from the main to the selfie camera. You can also enter the menu interface of the app. Adjust the settings using the joystick which is pretty neat the require. If you shooting most liked object tracking professional mode panorama and so on the most important aspect of each gimbal is the overall performance.

Moza Mini-MI PRICE:

The  Moza Mini-MI does a wonderful job in this department the footage comes out really nice. You’re just walking normally really impressive performance considering such a low price of the device overall. The most Moza Mini-MI is an awesome gimbal for the price of just Rs-11000/-. It has a lot of different features wireless charging and it performs really well the only shortcoming is that the Android app is still in the beta version at the moment. It will be updated soon despite this caveat the mini mi is a great budget option. I can suggest you checking out as it offers a great bang for your buck.

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