Nokia 3.1 Plus Hands-On Review | Price, Specifications & Full features

nokia 3.1 plus

Nokia 3.1 Plus Review:

The Nokia 3.1 plus it’s got a 6-inch screen dual cameras to the back an octa-core processor.  probably a price tag over under 10000/- rupees excited. Nokia packaging has information booklets a pair of earphones with an inline mic. In the box then there’s a micro USB cable and finally a 10-watt travel adapter. coming back to the phone.

Nokia 3.1 Plus Display:

Nokia 3.1 plus feels in hand shot back finish feels very grippy.  I didn’t feel like I was gonna drop the phone here. While using it single-handed now that’s high praise for a phone that comes with a 6-inch display. This is a 6 inch 18/9 HD Plus panel.

nokia 3.1 plus

I have to say in the little time I spent with it looked really great flanking. Display to the top we have 8-megapixel camera sensors. The earpiece along with some Nokia branding above that we’ve got the three-and-a-half millimetre headphone jack. This still there that and the secondary noise cancelling microphone. The right houses the volume rockers in the power button. These are flush with the surface.

Nokia 3.1 Plus Micro USB:

So I guess that’s okay to the left we’ve got dual slots so – Sims + microSD nicely dedicated support year.  Finally, the bottom has the speaker grille a micro USB port and the primary microphone pushing. All these pixels we have an Helio P 22 now.

nokia 3.1 plus

We’ve seen this chip on the redmi 6 before. I think this could be a good performer. We have 8 cortex A53 chorus slots clocked in at 2 gigahertz and on the GPU set of things.

Nokia 3.1 Plus Ram & Battery:

We get 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of onboard storage of course dedicated microSD support. Is there rounding off the specs is the 3500 mah battery. The screen is large but the resolution is only 720p and the p22 is built on the power-efficient well nanometer process. So I am hopeful about the battery life here on to the software side of things.

Nokia 3.1 Plus OS:

We have stock Android 8.1 Oreo on board with an update to Android pie slated to be in the works. Nokia thus far has been really good with regards to updates. I expect them to continue that streak with the 3.1 plus.

Nokia 3.1 Plus Camera:

A bit of their personal Flair on to the camera. We begin to the camera let’s take a look at the hardware that power said. We have a13-megapixel primary shooter coupled with a 5-megapixel depth sensor.

nokia 3.1 plus

The photos well they are ok the saturation feels like. It’s been cranked up a lot the camera seems to be having trouble focusing on things close up. We did get a couple of blurred out shots but depending on the price.

I say depending on the price well that’s cause we don’t have the official price. The Nokia 5.1 plus is priced at eleven thousand rupees. I guess they should launch somewhere around the nine thousand rupee mark. It could be a good choice for people.

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