OnePlus 6T With Waterdrop Notch, In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Oneplus 6T

OnePlus 6T: the smartphone box unveiled

OnePlus 6T smartphone’s packaging and retail box have been outed, showing an outline of the new model’s design – key design elements revealed from the outline include a waterdrop-style display notch and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Oneplus 6T

This should soon formalize a new smartphone. It would be according to the most credible indiscretions of OnePlus 6T, the hardware update of OnePlus 6. This launch is not really a surprise to the extent that the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 5 have also benefited. It will not be a model very different from the OnePlus 6, but some changes are expected by the rumors, including the photo, the battery, and the screen.

A box that reveals a lot

The screen is precisely at the heart of the last leak about the OnePlus 6T. This indiscretion, from Weibo and relayed by Phonearena, takes the form of half a dozen photographs representing what looks like the commercial box of the phone. This box is white with black and red markings (a graphics code that looks like what OnePlus can produce). On one side, you can read the name of the product (OnePlus 6T) and on the other side a slogan “Unlock the speed”.

It represents the front of the phone. A show where two pieces of information are displayed. First, the notch on the top edge of the slab is smaller. It looks like the notch on the screen of the Oppo R17 and R17 Pro.

Small notch and a fingerprint reader in the screen

This notch seems to host a webcam, the phone earpiece hiding in the small upper border above the notch. The second piece of information revealed here seems to be the presence of an integrated fingerprint reader on the screen. This is a piece of equipment that does not seem to have widespread buy-in, but seems to be discovered by consumers as a “plus”. And OnePlus responds to it. Recall that, historically, fingerprint readers in flagship killers are placed at the front. That changed when the OnePlus 5T adopted a “widescreen” design with an 18 / 9th screen.

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