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real me 2 pro review

Realme 2 Pro Review:

Realme has a brand-new phone in the market called the realme 2 pro. According to the realme 2 pro review, it seems to indicate powerful hardware that’s once again targeted at the younger audience. The phone ticks all the right boxes but it’s now time to see how where it actually fares against the competition.

Holding it in one hand the realme 2 pro feels pretty big. The rounded polycarbonate edges do offer a comfortable grip the back of the phone has multiple layers of lamination. Which gives it a sense of a glass panel. It a crystal-like dewdrop effect it attracts plenty of smudges though and fingerprints. But it’s set to offer better resistance against heat and scratches.

Realme 2 Pro review Display:

real me 2 pro review

As we would have liked which makes the edges a bit rough to touch especially with a pre-applied screen protector. The 6.3 inches full HD plus display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Fairly slim bezels all around the Deuter of notch design seems to be gaining popularity as it takes up the smallest footprint. Especially looks really good the display is very legible even a direct sunlight as colours retain good saturation.

Realme 2 Pro Networks:

The accommodate two nano SIM cards and there’s a dedicated slot for a micro SD card too now the phone is supposed to support dual 4G with Pio LTE. However, we couldn’t really put this to the test since. We had a review unit now while dual 4G did work. We didn’t really get vo LTE working so we couldn’t make HD calls.

Realme has assured us that the finally Indian retail units will support dual 4G with vo LTE at the bottom. We have a single speaker grille a micro USB port and a 3.5 mm headphone socket it’s easy to block the speaker. When holding the phone in landscape mode. You flip the phone around the fingerprint sensor is placed at the back. Which is quick at authentication now.

Realme 2 Pro RAM:

real me 2 pro review

The specifications the real me 2 pro are pretty solid now all variants get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 SOC which is a pretty powerful optical chip at this price range. The phone is available in 3 variants configurations to suit your budget. You have a choice between 4gb of RAM and 64gb of storage 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. The one we have which has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

However, the phone does not support FM radio or NFC the real me 2 pro runs on colour OS 5.2. Which is based on Android one Oreo? We’re glad to see a recent September security patch to the latest version of colour OS. Still has the annoying two-step process for dismissing a notification. But other than this it’s quite polished and offers plenty of gestures and customisation options in addition.

Realme 2 Pro Fingerprint & Face unlock:

The fingerprint sensor the phone also supports face unlock. It’s really quick at authentication it only works. When your eyes are open it’s quite secure and the screen lights up for assistance in dark environments. you can enable face recognition for locking apps and a private space on the phone storage to the smart sidebar is a handy utility.

Which gives you a slide-out panel from the edge of the screen for quick access to things like a file manager camera screenshot. You can even add shortcuts of your frequently used apps.

Now the traditional navigation keys can be swapped for gesture input. which works well some gestures are quite useful too as the three fingers swipe up for entering split-screen mode. A swipe down for taking a screenshot now we’ve been using the phone on a daily basis for a couple of days.

Honestly, Realme 2 Pro Review there’s very little to complain about apart from the few quicks of colour OS the UI and apps run pretty smoothly. Now we haven’t noticed any slowdowns yet when multitasking and load times of heavy games are pretty quick the phone doesn’t heat up too much.

Surrounding areas of the fingerprint sensor do get a bit warm. This is only after prolonged gaming or camera usage call quality is good too. This call recording app built into the dialer app the game space app gives you the option to block notification and frees up memory automatically. When you fire up a game there’s a toggle switch for graphics acceleration. We don’t really notice any real difference in image quality and gameplay smoothness in pub G as the game runs just fine. The HD image quality and frame rate set to higher the same goes for asphalt 9 legends.

Realme 2 Pro Camera:

real me 2 pro review

The single speaker sounds a bit tinny and isn’t very loud. you do get direct sound enhancements for headphones. But there’s nothing really to amplify the volume of the speaker the real me 2 pro packs in a 16-megapixel main rear sensor with the F 1.7 aperture. which captures good detail in daylight in landscape shots we notice good dynamic range and colours with plenty of detail. The wide aperture produces a pleasing bokeh effect in close-up shots.

When shooting fast-moving objects like pets but other than this the autofocus speed is quick there’s a secondary 2-megapixel sensor. Which is used for depth calculation image is short with portrait mode look good with good edge detection and sharpness on our subject.

You can choose from a bunch of lighting modes here too. Nice effect low-light images are a bit grainy and details take a bit of a hit especially landscape shots close-ups tend to lack good sharpness. Overall you still end up with usable shots quality of recorded video looks square at 1080p this electronic stabilization here.

It a slight shimmer effect in the video a 4k recording supported.  The quality is quite average and there’s no stabilization video shot in low-light is a bit grainy to the other than the standard shooting options. Fine labs there isn’t any other option like slow motion video beautify mode works well.

Realme 2 Pro Battery:

Your face but it messes up the skin tones a bit there’s a sticker shooting more. Which lets you add different er stickers to selfies or people’s faces the 3500 mah battery. Easily lasted as an entire day on a single charge with regular use in our internal video test we got a runtime of around 10 hours and 22 minutes.

Which is slightly above average it doesn’t support fast charging but with the bundled adapter we were able to get roughly a 64% charge in an hour. It took about two hours and 20 minutes to charge it completely from zero the real me 2 pro delivers well on his promise of being a powerful phone. We feel many would see his appeal – especially at its pricing the top and version. Apart from this, it’s a pretty solid little phone under twenty thousand rupees if you’re looking for a good all-rounder. This Realme 2 Pro Review is my personal experience. Thanks

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