Samsung Galaxy A7 Quick Review: Price, Features, Full specifications

samsung galaxy a7

Samsung Galaxy A7 Review:

Samsung is launching their new Samsung Galaxy A7. The company has announced that they’ll be putting in new innovations in their mid-range phones. First rather than their flagship devices. The Galaxy a7 is the first product of Samsung’s bold new strategy now.

Samsung Galaxy A7:

We take a deep dive into the phone’s cameras. We need to take a few minutes to talk about how gorgeous this phone looks now. The phone might be made from plastic. But the rear is made from glass and it looks and feels phenomenal.

samsung galaxy a7

Which isn’t surprising considering the phone’s pedigree. It is a Samsung built phone after all the back of the phone features. The triple camera module nestled on the upper left side with an LED flash right.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Fingerprint:

It there’s no fingerprint scanner on the rear. It’s been repositioned on the right side embedded inside the power button. Some people might not like this position. It gives the phone a really good look without the fingerprint scanner on the front or on the rear ruining.

Samsung Galaxy A7 USB:

The aesthetics annoyingly enough Samsung didn’t include a USB type-c connector. A Galaxy a7  opted for an ancient a micro USB connector speaking of ancient.

Samsung Galaxy A7 OS:

The Galaxy A7  runs Android Oreo 8.0 in a time.  Android Pi a 9.0 is a thing and Android 8.1 is a standard for most new phones nowadays. Samsung’s still sticking with they’re not free infinity display with their phones.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Display:

The Galaxy a7 supporting a 6 inch full HD plus Super AMOLED panel with a 19/5 by 9 aspect ratio. The design looks pretty good without a fingerprint scanner ruining.

samsung galaxy a7

The aesthetics of the front and the rear. The Galaxy a7 has a really cool monolithic vibe to it all right time to talk about those cameras.

Samsung Galaxy A7  Back Camera:

Galaxy a7 has three a main 24 megapixel F 1.7 aperture.  I powered camera a secondary 8 megapixels 100-degree ultra-wide-angle camera. And a 5-megapixel depth sensor a new addition here is obvious.

samsung galaxy a7

The ultra-wide camera that allows you to take a group photo and large sprawling landscapes hoodies. Which is the bummer aside from that the primary 24-megapixel shooter is able to take regular photos.  The combined with a 5-megapixel depth sensor is able to apply software bouquet lie alive focus to your photos.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Front Camera:

Samsung Galaxy A7 has 24-megapixel front-facing camera with soft LED flash. In the front for selfies let’s move on to the hardware.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Ram:

samsung galaxy a7

The galaxy a7 is can have up to 6 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of internal storage. Samsung has Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 chipset.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Battery:

The phone was powered by 3300 mAh battery. You’ll probably have to keep an eye on the device’s battery meter. You’re using it through the day.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Price:

The Galaxy a7 2018 price is Rs- 17999/-. Which places it at the same price ban as offerings. Samsung’s new triple camera mid-range phone be the start of a new era.

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