Samsung Galaxy A9 Review 360: Price, Specifications & Futures

Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy A9 Preview:

The new Samsung Galaxy A9. Which has four cameras well actually five including the front selfie cameras? The quad lens setup on the back includes a 24-megapixel main lens a 10 megapixel two times optical zoom lens. And 8 megapixels super wide angle lens and the 5-megapixel depth lens for the live focus portrait mode.

Samsung Galaxy A9

I think Samsung has covered all the bases here. It’s interesting the A9 just been announced right after the pixel 3. Which is likely to have one of the best two cameras on the market. It seems like a fight between hardware and software. I wonder which will be the best solution now of course. I guess it is versus the s-line all the note 9. The same sort of price as say the Oneplus 6 and probably the upcoming 6T. It’s affordable for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Battery:

The camera in a second there because there’s a lot more to like about the A9 including the  6.3 inches full HD AMOLED display. The huge 3800 mah power battery. Which is nearly as big as the note 9.

Samsung Galaxy A9 RAM:

It uses a mid-range Snapdragon 660 but it does offer a surprisingly generous 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of built-in storage plus support for microSD cards. It’s a bit of a shame the A9 will ship running Android 8 rather than the new Android 9 API. It’s not particularly surprising for Samsung.


The world it still feels fast and responsive and well snow-dragon’ 660 obviously isn’t as powerful as the flagship 845. It’s still got plenty of power and will comfortably run any app or game plus. It might even help the battery lasts a bit longer I also really like the look of this thing.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Colors:

It comes in three colors caveat black lemonade blue but I think my personal favourite is bubblegum pink. It’s really comfortable to hold and we’ve still got headphone jack but let’s get back to the camera. Which really is the headline feature of the A9 now. I should say that I’ve only had a short time with the phone which is running pre-release software.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Camera:

I took some photos of the demo area to try out all the lenses and my first impressions. They’re not great I’ll repeat this is pre-release software and the primary 24-megapixel lens. Which has a wide f 1.7 aperture take great photos. They’re detailed sharp and cars are vibrant now. If we take the same picture with the wide-angle lens obviously. Which is to be expected given the wider 120-degree field of view. It does look lower quality. We seem to lose a lot of detail in the darker areas the 2 times optical zoom. The lens is even worse I mean this is a terrible photo. The white balance is off it looks ridiculously over sharpened and generally.

Camera Review:

It just looks bad both the telephoto and wide-angle lenses have narrow apertures. Which means they don’t lessen as much light. The 2 times zoom lens is just blue moving on to the fourth lens. It’s probably one of the worst portrait modes I’ve ever seen yes it’s given me a bokeh effect.

Samsung Galaxy A9

It’s not blurred out the guy walking in the background or the white Samsung Galaxy A9  stand and the edge around my torso my head just looks.

Selfi Camera Review:

The front camera does take a nice selfie though the whopping 24 megapixels f/2 front camera is actually really good. The selfie portrait mode seems to work well video seems to be serviceable only 1080p has any sort of stabilization. So 4k is a shaky mess and both seem to be suffering from similar white balance issues now. I don’t expect the A9 to compete with the S line or note 9.

Samsung Galaxy A9:

The A9 isn’t going up against the pixel 3 this isn’t a flagship phone the 549-pound price tag means. It’s more upper mid-range something are calling it more affordable. It’s almost half the price of the latter but right now while it may have fall Enders on the back only one of them is actually any good. I really hope Samsung can fix some of these white balance and sharpening issues. Which is in about a month. So I’ll reserve judgment until then for my full review so that’s the Samsung Galaxy A9 and for a phone.

That’s all about camera the cameras right now at least are actually a bit disappointing it’s a beautiful-looking phone. It feels fast and it has a huge battery and I’m really pleased to see Samsung is bringing bigger batteries into more affordable phones make sure.

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