TOP 10 Best Cricketers in the world


TOP 10 Best Cricketers:

1.Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar is the best cricketer of all time, he is the god of cricket.

Great cricketers have one or two records in their names but Tendulkar breaks all the records made by them so Sachin = all the great cricketers.

In india sachin is god and cricket is a religion and this religion spreads all over the world by the god sachin tendulkar.

He starts his cricket career at the age of 16 and he faces all-time great bowlers of a world at that time with no fear and it shows the greatness of a great man.

Sachin means cricket and Cricket means Sachin.

2.Don Bradman

Sir Donald George “Don” Bradman, AC, often referred to as “The Don”, was an Australian cricketer, widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time.

bradman the best ever he had a batting average of 99.86 and no one is even close and he has a cricket bat that is worth 14,999 dollars he does hold the record for highest batting average check guiness world records 2010 69 years.

Bradman can’t be compared with any other batsmen irrespective of any era.

3.Shahid Afridi

He is the best captain of Pakistan ever I have seen. He has the world record of 100 runs of 37 balls. That’s why we called him boom boom. I am the biggest fan of shahid afridi. From my childhood I like him. Shahid vai we like you.

Great player… He still holds the record of the fastest century with over 6000 runs in ODIs & over 300 wickets. He displayed a very impressive bowling performance in world cup 2011 as well.

Afridi Lagging behind any other cricketer on earth is like saying the sun rises from the west instead of the east. He is not only a marvel at his skill but an excellent sportsman, gentleman and all rounder not only in all formats of the game but of his life too. The most unorthodox entry in cricket and certainly the most entertaining one.

4.Shane Warne

One of the best spin bowler the world has ever seen. His performances have made Australia the best cricketing nation of the world he will be remembered as the best spin bowler ever and will be an inspiration for teen cricketers.

Ha no doubt the best legspinner in the world cricket arena. The man who has bowled the Ball of the century. Undoubtedly he is the best ever spinner anyone can see.

Brilliant player no doubt and magic to watch. Pity he never scored that century but the footage shows he was dismissed on a no ball. His bowling was all class.

5.Brian Lara

he has the highest individual score the world record in test and first clao and is also a match winner, one of the greatest batsman ever.

Lara is undoubtedly the best, his records are proof.

He was just the best, and his record speaks for it self. He helps make west indies better and got his test individual score not once but two times, who can beat that made another West Indian,

He is good but not as don bradman luccha mental.

6.Vivian Richards

He never wore a helmet and played in an era of great fast bowling, when fast bowlers were not limited to 1 bouncer an over. Had a Test Batting ave. Of 50 and a strike rate of 70. An absolute fearless genius unlike the modern batmen covered in full armor.

West Indian masterpiece batsmen, who were always a nightmare for bowlers, his one hand contributions made a great part of Caribbean dominance at 1975-1983.

Got every bowlers and fielder tired by his amazing batting.

A real champion. No helmet, chewing gum and swaggering to the crease to smash Lillee around. Talking of Lillee-why isn’t the best fast bowler in history not on it? When we talk of Lillee, we are talking king of kings in fast bowling ranks.

7.Mahendra Singh Dhoni

He is the best Indian captain ever and the owner of the helicopter shot and he can also bat well and he is off break bowler but now heis not bowling he is the best keeper ever.

MS Dhoni is the best captain ever. What man hit 224 runs against Australia in Border Gavaskar trophy 2013.
The best captain ever.

Coolest captain that India had ever had.
Best wicket keeper.
The brilliant batsman who is the owner of helicopter shot.
Intelligent, handsome and simple.

8.Muttiah Muralitharan

class act. he is an all-time great bowler in cricket history.

Sri Lankan off spinning legend who holds the record of most number of wickets in cricket. He is well known for his doosra.

He is the best spin bowler in the world.

The best bowler ever.

9.Ricky Ponting

The greatest because he made heaps of runs and competed with Sachin while being a captain. Sachin was never a good captain. He wilts under pressure. He scores when all is well. Ponting made century is world cup final. Sachin can never handle pressure.

this list sucks… Ricky Ponting should be on the top… he is easily better than Sachin… and who the hell puts Afridi in top 10 he should be the last one… improve it, man.

Surely Ponting should be on the top 3. He is probably the best captain or the Aussies
 The best cricketer of all time in terms of overall performance full stop.

10.Virat Kohli

An impressive cricketer for the young cricket fans.

Fabulous cricketer and captain who leads his country from the front with his game and also my reply.

Young and superb cricketer and future captain of India.

He is the best CRICKETER in the world from 2015-till now!
His form is temporary but class is permanent.!


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