How to write blog posts | A step by step Guide for Beginners

How to write blog posts

How to write blog posts:

First how to write a blog post on a regular basis seems like a daunting task all kinds of questions swirl through your head and I have the same questions.

1.where do I start

2.what am I going to say many words do I use do I get my point across

All of these questions around in the mind of a novice blogger. Even more, experienced bloggers have them. But the thing you don’t have to be how to write blog posts an eloquent writer or a prose master to write a blog post. You just have to have something to say that will resonate with your target audience. They aren’t looking for a masterpiece from you usually just some useful information on a subject. They’re interested in so what do you do when it’s time to start writing. You’re feeling like a deer in the headlights sometimes just having a general outline can help kick-start your creative juices.

Add Better Title:

I’m going to construct a template to help. You get started first things first have a compelling title more people will read your title that will actually read your blog post.

How to write blog posts

You need to have a title that will make people want to read the article. Your title isn’t stronger interesting you’ve already lost some readers.

Lead paragraphs:

You need to have a lead paragraph that sums up the blog post. This is very important the lead paragraph should get right to the purpose of the post.

How to write blog posts

Make it relevant to the reader after the title this could be the most important part of your post. You take too long to summarize what the article will convey to the reader. You may lose them keep

1. It short keeps

2.It concise keep

3. It strong now

Post good Images:

You need to find a good image for your blog post. Images are used to draw your readers into the post. Itself find an image that relates to your article and feature.

How to write blog posts

It prominently but that doesn’t mean you can go online and search for any old image to use remember there are copyright rules in place. So don’t just go swiping images online. There are plenty of websites where you can get copyright free images to make sure you only use those. You don’t have a subscription to a paid stock image service or licensing to use the image.

Add your Experience:

It’s always good and fun to put yourself into the post. when possible this helps. Your readers connect better with you try to share a personal experience or a twist with them. Let them get to know you make the main body of your blog post. I scannable what does this mean use




4.Small headers

Your reader to quickly scan the article up-and-down to get an idea. What it’s about nothing’s more daunting to a reader than looking at a page. Just seems like endless long paragraphs use these call-outs to break the page up.

Use Simple words:

Some other ways to make your blog post more readable include using shorter paragraphs. Try to stick to 3 maybe 4 sentences per paragraph. You do more than that the page starts to look like. It’s going to be a how to write blog posts chore to read-write in shorter sentences. I personally struggle with this one. I do suggest you try to avoid them shorter sentences make reading faster.

Keep Your Post Shorter:

Sometimes one of the biggest obstacles to getting people. Actually How to write blog posts writing on their blog is the fact that they think every post has to belong. It’s good to have some longer form posts not everyone needs to be filled with tons of information keep many of the post short. how to write blog posts I would aim to have at least 300 to 500 words though to help you with your SEO.

Add Internal & External:

Another thing that a lot of people forget is adding links to their posts. How to write blog posts to be sure to include not just links to outside sources.

How to write blog posts

But also internal links to other blog posts on your own site that are relevant this helps keep. Your article shorter since you can direct your reader to a different post to expand on a point. You’re trying to make plus you keep your reader on-site and moving through other pages of your website that’s always good for SEO.

Finally, end your post with a discussion question. Try to end your post with a question to the reader to encourage comments. This is of course if you have the commenting system turned on for your blog hopefully this outline has given you some ideas to kick-start the blogging process. You would like to have this information in a forum.

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