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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Latest News:

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 future upscale is unveiling more and more. After seeing its design, we learn that the mobile would be compatible 5G.

The Chinese manufacturer has still managed to get people talking. In response to Honor who presented his Magic 2, the brand shared last week a picture of his future spearhead, the Mi Mix 3 on the social network Weibo.

We can see in this picture a phone whose edges are extremely thin and with a camera retractable way Oppo Find X.

But that’s not all. Xiaomi spokesman also announced on Twitter that the mobile future, expected before the end of the year (expected for October), would also be compatible with the 5G, the new mobile broadband standard. You can actually see the small logo 5G at the top right on the screen.

See a picture of Xiaomi:

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Xiaomi would, therefore, Motorola at the post on the 5G compatibility. Indeed, the historic manufacturer had announced just a few weeks ago that its Moto Z3 would be compatible 5G through an imposing and bulky Mod.

If Xiaomi really managed to integrate 5G compatibility into a stylish high-end, Motorola must see red. It is possible that Xiaomi went to look for Samsung for its 5G modem.

5G  before 2020?

But beyond the feat, we are still entitled to wonder if this compatibility 5G will really change something today. 5G is still embryonic in most markets, especially in India.

Not sure that the hexagonal owners of a Mi Mix 3 will enjoy the 5G so soon, it will probably wait until early 2020 to really see the color.

By then, many other terminals will be announced with 5G compatibility. So we can not really say that this is a determining buying criterion today.
For Xiaomi, it is more a demonstration of its know-how and a way to show that its smartphones are ready for the future. A pub shot always good to take.

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